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New Song!

2007-12-01 03:47:40 by SplitShanx

"Anarchy Boot Camp" go check it out, tell me what you think!

New songs!

2007-11-22 23:49:39 by SplitShanx

Go check em out, and rock ur fucking brains out mother fuckers!!!!

-Split Shanx

PS: i know this is random, but Roger Van-Der Weide's (sorry if i spelled his name wrong) flashes kick ass!

I am going to be posting music of diffrent types, i already got one song down called "Sky With Sails"

check out my music when i post it! see ya!

-Spllit Shanx

PS: For those of you who like metal, I got some pretty insane shit!!!

and for people who like rap, im going to post my demo for a song called "Buck Fush" (aka: Fuck Bush) but it'll be bad cuz i didnt "rap" i just said things slowly to the beat.

So do look at what I got to offer!